LIVE+ semester 4

Fourth semester

Fourth semester

For a professional experience in vaccinology, LIVE students carry out their 6-month end-of-study internship at hosting institutions usually from the LIVE partnership. Each student is trained and receive advices from two Supervisors: the Internship Supervisor from the hosting institution and the Academic Supervisor for a joint supervision by the five universities organizing the LIVE (UAB, UB, UA, UJM or UCBL). The S4 is composed of the Master thesis teaching unit and the Languages for vaccine future in the Anthropocene.

The S4 language course aims to improve students’ proficiency level, taking into account their previous knowledge of the language in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian. Students will be placed in the adequate course, according to the level they reached after the first three semesters in Barcelona, Antwerp and Lyon/Saint Etienne. The principal learning outcome of this teaching unit is to improve language skills.

Usually spread in hosting institutions of ten different countries during their 6-month end-of-study internship, students become reals actors of the professional world of vaccines, write their Master’s Thesis, which is scored by two independent reviewers (50%) and which they defend orally in front of a 5-member Jury (40%). The LIVE coordinators and additional experts from the three national Masters or the LIVE partnership cover all internship subjects. The joint supervision is realized with common standardized guidelines. The Internship Supervisor evaluates the professional work (10%). Students’ internship topics can be specialised in any discipline related to vaccinology or advanced immunology, including fundamental research, adjuvant research, pre-clinical or clinical development, regulatory affairs, quality control, business development, patents, project management, epidemiology, public health or communication. Examples of master theses previously written by LIVE students can be accessed on the Student Authors page.

Last updated : June 15, 2024