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Since 2013, LIVE has been organising VaxInLIVE Symposia to foster exchanges between all actors of the vaccinology chain. These symposia bring together experts in vaccine communication, research, and manufacturing, as well as alumni and current students of the LIVE program. Students often help in the organisation of these conferences, which are an opportunity for networking and inspiration with regards to future career paths and open up conversation around current vaccinology research.

VaxInLIVE Symposia are international conferences where LIVE students meet alumni and senior experts in the field of vaccinology. These meetings are funded by our partners and each symposium focuses on a particular aspect of the multidisciplinary field of vaccinology. The VaxInLIVE symposia are held in the different countries of the LIVE programme, depending on the year. We host about 250 participants to attend the symposia, including the current M1 and M2 LIVE students. Alumni, partners and professors give talks on current areas of interest in vaccine research.

Each VaxInLIVE symposium blends ideas and experiences, bringing fruitful LIVE partnership networking interactions, to current LIVE students and alumni, building the fascinating future of vaccinology.

Programme of the next VaxInLIVE symposium is announced in our News.

Click below to access the programmes of past VaxInLIVE symposia.








Watch the 2018 VaxInLIVE Symposium

You can access videos from the 2018 VaxInLIVE Symposium here: [four thumbnails of videos which will start playing when you click on them]

Last updated : June 13, 2023