Self funded


A self-funded student is a student able to pay for the university institutional costs and the life costs in Europe.

If the applicant has selected "self-funded student”, they and their family or sponsors (private, public, bank) are able to assume all responsibilities for student expenses. For the Master LIVE, self-funded student needs to cover their university institutional costs and life costs for 11 months per year for 2 years (M1 access) or for the second year only (M2 access). The total is about 50 k€ / Student / 2 years (M1+M2) and 25 k€ / Student / 1 year (M2). The applicant should review below the Self-Funded Declaration to know the institutional cost and life cost details as well as the instalment payment possibilities.

Self-funded students follow the next administrative steps to be enrolled in the LIVE:

● Self-funded students selected to participate in the Master LIVE receive first a “Conditional Admission Letter”, the “Agent Creation Form” and then, the Master LIVE student “Self-Funded Declaration (SFD)” to fill in and return to UCBL with the proof of payment of their pre-registration fee (1,800 euros).

● Their Conditional Admission Letter is useful to start their visa application pending the issuance of their Admission letter and Certificate of pre-registration fee payment by UCBL.

● The Agent Creation Form serves to create the student-agent profile in the UCBL database to operate justified refunds

● The Self-Funded Declaration (SFD) is the formal commitment of the student to pay for the institutional costs (9,000 euros per year) and allows UCBL to reimburse for reasons described in this SFD.

● For visa application, EU Consulates request the proof of pre-registration fee payment issued by UCBL and complement financial means to study in Europe as described below.

Self-funded students who have been admitted into the LIVE programme must present a proof that they are able to fund their studies in Europe to the embassies/consulates for the issuance of the long-term study visa (Spanish embassy for M1 entrance or French embassy for M2 entrance). They can use the following :

● Opening of a blocked account with a financial institution in the country you are going to

● Presentation of a bank statement with 680 euros per month for a minimum of 10 months

● Bank statement with a signed statement from a guarantor. The guarantor must show a proof of sustainable income

The above is just for information purposes. Please kindly visit the official websites of the embassy to get updated information.

Spain for M1 entrance:

France for M2 entrance:

or contact the LIVE secretariat at for more guidance.

Last updated : March 7, 2024