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To be vaccinated or not to be?

1 January 2022 LIVE Comments Off

Can the State really impose something on its citizens, in the name of collective well-being? Why are some people afraid of certain vaccines but accept others? What are the new determinants that may threaten vaccine acceptability in modern ages?… The Vaccine Talks collective explains it all :

from  the reality project “SAQinVAC” (socially acute questions in vaccine) managed and built by the Master 2 LIVE students (Hilleman prom’): Camille, Dennis, Khalid, Margot, Nino, Sakshi, Sergio & Vinicius,

advised by Dr O. Morin, M. Le Gouis & Dr H. Valentin

2022.01.01 – C. Delprat

Last updated : October 28, 2023