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LIVE2023 integration week in Lyon and Barcelona!

15 September 2023 LIVE Comments Off

As part of the Plotkin promotion in the LIVE program, we proudly carry the name of Prof Stanley PLOTKIN, a prominent figure in the development of the MMR vaccine (1). Being associated with his legacy inspires us to excel in our studies and future careers.

Our journey began with an exciting start in Lyon (FR), where we explored the city and bonded during the integration week filled with enjoyable intercultural activities. One of my favorites was the cooking lesson (2) that brought us together. From Lyon, we went to Barcelona (ES), where we visited iconic places like the Sagrada Familia as a group. This true intercultural experience has not only enriched our cultural exchange but also formed lasting friendships that will shape our future in vaccinology.

2023.09.15 – Brisa (Plotkin Prom’)

Stanley PLOTKIN is an accomplished physician, immunologist, and vaccinologist. I am proud to be part of the LIVE promotion named in his honour and have the opportunity to hopefully meet him sometime over the next two years. His celebrated career and the diversity in his professional experiences show me the myriad possibilities that await us after this Master programme. In the month since the Barcelona semester began, I have had a great time exploring this beautiful city and getting to know my fellow colleagues and some LIVE alumni. With two of our courses and a number of local festivals under my belt, I’m excited for what the rest of the semester holds.

2023.09.15 – Prerana Pai (Plotkin Prom’)

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