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Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL)

At the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL), students will deepen their knowledge in vaccinology, clinical development, project management and communication during their third semester of the LIVE Master, and in conjunction with UJM. UCBL created the Master “Cell and Molecular Biology – Infectiology” which is co-accredited with UJM since 2012. UCBL has experience in organizing Masters with 46 Masters in Biology, Pharmacy & Medicine and takes care each year of 400 foreign students from 125 nationalities.

UCBL is the coordinating institution of the EMJM LIVE and manages secretariat, grants (recruitment of project manager, payment of allowances, and distribution of participation costs…), meeting organisation, and website structure. In cooperation with UAB, UB, UAntwerpen and UJM, UCBL establishes contacts between interested students and host laboratories to carry out the Master’s theses under joint academic supervision. UCBL is involved in classical teaching, but also in the development of e-learning, flipped classrooms, MOOC and develops virtual laboratories for the future. UCBL hosts some students for their internship during the fourth semester. With the LIVE main and associated partners, UCBL launched the VaxInLive Symposia. UCBL is responsible for networking to monitor, inform, maintain and develop the associated partner network. UCBL participates in the student selection, quality assurance and communication according to the managers from the other four full partners responsible for these activities and UCBL chairs the joint committees: Steering Committee and Academic Management Board.

Last updated : May 23, 2023