Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Spain, Barcelona

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is home to LIVE students during their first semester and will teach 30 ECTS; here, LIVE students join the students from the joint Master in Advanced Immunology (jointly taught by UB and UAB) and deepen their knowledge in advanced and clinical immunology. Highly qualified scientists working in Immunology from universities, hospitals, research centres and companies from the Barcelona area, around Spain and other countries are invited to teach in this semester.

The UAB with UB currently organises the joint selection of students for the LIVE Master. They also participate in all the joint committees required for the efficient running of the programme.

The Campus of the UAB has recognized experience in welcoming international students through the International Welcome Point (IWP) that offers information regarding registration, visa requirements, residence permits and accommodation. The UAB also provides specialized support on administrative and logistic procedures as well as the following services: Library, Sports and Physical Activity Service (SAF), Healthcare Centre, Live Culture, Language Courses, Student’s representation and PIUNE (Support for Students with Disabilities). 

Last updated : May 23, 2023