Promotion: Lady Mary Montagu, 2018-20

Country: Brazil

I definitely appreciate all the efforts done by the LIVE master to keep the students connected across many generations and cohorts. Being able to meet past and younger members of this lovely community has proven to be a great channel for partnerships, networking and, importantly, for friendships. I have friends who studied in other Erasmus masters and few of them know people in the cohorts before or after them, so I can see that the community built with LIVE is very unique, united and very active. I was recently invited to participate in the Vaccinext symposium in Lyon, where I could talk about my PhD work and discuss new vaccines platforms with the students. It was a honour to be invited to such interesting event, and in the occasion I could meet many of my previous LIVE friends and meet new ones. These are connections I aim to keep both in my professional and personal life. I hope this connection stays strong and that the LIVE master continues its mission to educate talented students about vaccinology and create exciting opportunities to connect to the community of vaccinologists it’s building.

Last updated : December 25, 2023