Promotion: Jenner, 2016-18

Country: Pakistan

LIVE Master is a life-changing experience, personally and professionally. It gave hope and freedom to my dreams of becoming a scientist in the field of vaccinology and also helped me become an independent woman who can achieve her dreams of pursuing science and working in state-of-the-art institutes in Europe and enabling me to live a life of no dependency defined by my society. It also gave me a wide network to create collaboration projects in my own home country to make sure that knowledge transfer continues and strengthens higher education institutes in developing countries. Knowledge about vaccines is a critical need of these times and the times to come; therefore, providing such a platform to students to equip them with all the vaccinology education, so they passionately work in the field of vaccinology, which LIVE Master does is crucial to advance science, policy and communication of vaccines around the world.

Last updated : December 25, 2023