Universiteit Antwerpen _ Center for the Evaluation of Vaccination – CEV


The CEV is a multidisciplinary research group, participating on a regular basis in (inter)national scientific vaccine research. The available expertise of the CEV holds a platform for conducting vaccine trials (phase 1-4) and is involved in policy research projects related to vaccination.

Research mission:
  • • Improve knowledge in several vaccine-related fields by performing different research projects, including clinical vaccine trials, epidemiological surveys and economic evaluations and infectious disease modelling.

  • • Spread knowledge on all aspects of vaccination by publishing results of the research projects, both through scientific and vulgarised publications, by offering teaching and training to (para)medical students and by organising vaccine-related courses to health care professionals.

  • • Support public health policy making, based on our expertise in Public Health, Youth Health, Social Medicine, Epidemiology, and Vaccinology.

  • • Support and help target vaccination policy and public health in Flanders, Belgium, and Europe, by written as well as oral communications.

  • • Offer consultancy services in vaccine-related fields, such as vaccine research, vaccine administration, vaccination programmes, and epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Last updated : June 28, 2023