TRON is an independent non-profit translational research organization. We pursue new diagnostics and drugs for the treatment of diseases with high medical need. We apply our transdisciplinary competencies in genomics and immunology to develop novel platforms for the identification and validation of ‘omics’-based biomarkers, to modulate immune system components for use in personalized therapies. Collaborating with academia and industry, TRON executes research at the leading edge to support innovative drug design for human health.

TRON´s mission is to bridge the gap between fundamental science at universities and market-oriented research in the pharmaceutical industry. We turn innovative scientific concepts into treatments ready for clinical testing, thereby accelerating the translation of discoveries into progress for patients. 

Translating scientific concepts into clinical applications is a major contemporary challenge in health care. Expiring patents, empty pipelines and the increasing complexity of product development in the era of individualized medicine mean that even large pharmaceutical companies cannot address these challenges alone. At the same time, increasing regulatory requirements and costs have seen public research organizations virtually suspend the clinical translation of new scientific insight. Here in Mainz, we believe mastering these challenges is possible through cooperation between our first-rate research institute and private companies specializing in innovative product development.

TRON was founded in 2010 as a non-profit limited liability company to address these challenges. Co-founders Ugur Sahin, Christoph Huber and Özlem Türeci’s vision for TRON is to facilitate clinical translation of innovative science by interfacing between public and private stakeholders and bridging the gap between research insight and mature product development.

Last updated : June 28, 2023