The Sphère unit (Sciences, Philosophy, History) UMR7219 was created in 2009 from the meeting of two units: the CHSPAM (Centre of History of Sciences and Arab and Medieval Philosophies, former UMR 7062), created in 1972, and REHSEIS (Epistemological and Historical Researches on Exact Sciences and Scientific Institutions, former UMR 7596), created in 1984. This meeting concretizes the proximity and the complementarity of the scientific programs of these two units, whose works relate to a long duration ranging from the antiquity to the contemporary period, in different cultural contexts.

The unit includes, on a principal assignment, research professors from two university departments (Paris 1 and Université Paris Cité, previously from Paris, Paris Diderot, and Paris 7) and, as associates, a large number of research professors from other universities and institutions. This integration into the world of teaching is essential for the development of our activities.

We conceive our research as part of an international framework. SPHere maintains links with researchers from all over the world, whose orientations vary considerably. It has the will to be an international place of exchange in the fields it gathers. This is evidenced by its involvement in the creation and animation of several international societies, the direction of international journals, cooperation agreements with foreign institutions, as well as the publications of its members.

The researchers of the Unit teach, and they do so at the most diverse academic levels. We welcome many French and foreign students for internships, and we strive to convince our students of the importance of international research integration. By encouraging them to do so, we give them the means to integrate the national and international scientific community.

Last updated : June 28, 2023