LovalTech was created in January 2022, to set a technology platform for the development of next generation vaccines capable to protect the world population against infectious diseases, not or badly covered by the current vaccines.

The situation from the last 2 years with the Covid-19 pandemic, its 6,8 million deaths, 670 million cases and 16 billion doses of vaccines injected, led us to work on an innovative Covid vaccine, knowing that current vaccines are effective and protect against serious forms of the disease, but knowing also that we will only emerge from this global health crisis by stopping the contagiousness and the transmission of the virus and by giving access to vaccination to whole population, especially to low- income countries.

This is why we are committed to carrying out the development of this protein vaccine for nasal administration resulting from BIOMAP research team (University/INRAE-Tours-France) of Professor Isabelle Dimier-Poisson, also Managing Director and CSO of LoValTech.

We took over this project from the end of the preclinical stages which have shown the efficacy of our vaccine candidate on the original virus and its various variants, as well as its ability to stop viral transmission. Our nasal vaccine will be used first as a booster for populations already vaccinated and secondly in first intention for non-vaccinated populations, knowing that we have the desire to put our vaccine available to emerging countries on terms compatible with their income.

We are currently working on the preparation and implementation of the clinical phases in humans, with a target of placing on the market by 2024-2025. This Covid vaccine will clearly be the “proof of concept” for our innovative vaccine technology platform to combat infectious disease outbreaks.

We would like to thank our partners for their support during these preparation phases and their support in the next steps.

Drop the masks and return to life before Covid-19 will be our motto!

Last updated : June 28, 2023