Instituto Butantan


With 121 years of history, Butantan works to prevent deseases like Covid-19, flu, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, chikungunya, whooping cough, dengue, HPV and rabies. In 2021, Butantan produced:

  • 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine

  • 80 million doses of flu vaccine

  • 28 million doses of vaccines Against hepatitis A and B, HPV, DTaP and rabies

  • 560 thousand units of serum against venoms, bacterial toxins and the rabies virus

Instituto Butantan is the main producer of immunobiologicals in Brazil. It is responsible for a considerable percentage of the national production of hyperimmune sera and vaccine antigens, which make up the vaccines used in the National Immunization Program (Programa Nacional de Imunizações, PNI) of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Our technological development activities in the production of health inputs are associated with the production of vaccines, antitoxins and antivenoms, and biopharmaceuticals for human use.

Last updated : June 28, 2023