Innovative clinical research network in vaccinology: i-reivac


I-REIVAC, a network dedicated to clinical research in vaccinology

Created in 2007, I-REIVAC (Innovative clinical research network in vaccinology), has been awarded the F-CRIN network of excellence label in 2014. It conducts phase 1 to 3 industrial and academic clinical trials, on preventive immunization in healthy volunteers and specific population (immunocompromised, elderly, pregnant women, comorbidities, …); large scale epidemiological studies in vaccine preventable diseases; and developing social sciences approach to improve vaccine program acceptability. Coordinated by Professor Odile Launay, an infectious disease specialist and vaccinology researcher, the network brings together clinical centers, centers for biological ressources and immunology laboratories. It gathers partners with complementary expertise at national and European level: clinicians, vaccinologists, biologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, researchers in Human and Social Sciences, all strongly involved in research on vaccinology.

The network aims at developing and promoting vaccine research. Its objectives are:
  • To enhance the visibility and competitiveness of France in vaccination research,
  • To develop a quality and attractive scientific program for industrial and university partners,
  • To promote French excellence thanks to:
    • International university studies coordinated by French researchers,
    • Preclinical tests in collaboration with pharmaceutical industries, biotech’s, etc.
  • To develop European and international strong and efficient collaboration.

Last updated : June 28, 2023