Fondation Mérieux


Fondation Mérieux, an independent family foundation with public interest status, is committed to fighting, in the field, the infectious diseases that affect developing countries by building capacities, particularly in clinical laboratories.

With its network of laboratories, the foundation’s work is focused on diagnosis, an essential aspect of patient care and an indispensable tool for disease surveillance and control. Taking a global health approach, the foundation also works in the field to help the most vulnerable, with a strong emphasis on mothers and children.

From its very beginning in 1967, the Mérieux Foundation has united public and private sector partners around a common mission. Active today in over twenty countries, the Foundation works to strengthen the skills of healthcare professionals in the field to ensure its programs have a long-lasting impact. It catalyses local and international initiatives to help the most vulnerable populations gain fairer access to healthcare. Our philosophy of action:

  • • A collaborative dynamic driven by partnerships with local healthcare stakeholders, international organizations, academic research, companies and NGOs,
  • • A long-term vision with sustained support leading to autonomy and local ownership of infrastructures and programs,
  • • Building networks for international cooperation to share experience and pool skills,
  • • A global health approach from humans to animals, taking into account healthcare, but also nutrition, environmental safety, education and socio-economic support for patients.

Last updated : June 28, 2023