European Vaccine Initiative - EVI


The European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) is a European non-profit Product Development Partnership (PDP) that supports the development of safe, effective and affordable vaccines against diseases of poverty and emerging infectious diseases, through collaboration and coordination.

With more than 200 partners worldwide, EVI uses the power of collaboration, innovation, open science, partnerships, and advocacy to move vaccines forward.

EVI’s portfolio and activities are diverse. Since its inception in 1998, EVI has collaborated in the development of more than 40 vaccine formulations against diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, Zika virus and diarrhoeal diseases, 9 of which progressed into mid-stage clinical development. EVI is also supporting vaccine development through cross-cutting projects ranging from the development of non-animal approaches for vaccine quality control testing and assay harmonisation, to the establishment of a sustainable European vaccine infrastructure that can accelerate vaccine development across several disease areas, among many other projects and activities. We undertake training and support capacity strengthening for vaccine R&D in both Europe and low- and middle-income countries.​

We aim to spearhead global vaccine development efforts by engaging with partners from academia and other research institutions, the private sector, governments and civil society organisations, including partners from low- and middle-income countries affected by diseases of poverty.

Last updated : June 28, 2023