Early makers group - Emlyon business school


emlyon business school was founded in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is a private higher-education establishment recognized by the French State. It is one of the oldest business schools in Europe. emlyon is among the 1% of global business schools to be accredited by the three international accreditation systems: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. As such, it merits its status as a global-ranking school of business and management.

The School hosts 9,020 students representing 125 nationalities in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, along with nearly 6,900 participants in executive education programs. The School counts six campuses around the world: Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Paris, Shanghai, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. It draws on a network of 190 international academic partners and leads a community of 38,600 alumni in 130 different countries.

emlyon’s distinctive academic signature early makers molds learning into a lifelong endeavor to have an impact on the world and offers a real alternative in its environment. It sees learning as not only a transfer of academic knowledge but also a “course of learning experiences” that equips students to forge a constant link between thought and action: “doing to learn, learning to do”.

Through these collective and individual learning experiences, emlyon has set out to train responsible managers capable of taking up the challenges of today and tomorrow. This general-interest calling lies at the heart of the school’s identity and is written into its articles of association since July 2021 when it transitioned to the status of a benefit corporation.

Mines Saint Etienne is one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France and ist mission is to support the economy by:

  • Educating highly qualified managers with strong technical and scientific skills;

  • Developing applied research to meet the needs of industry;

  • Contributing to companies’ innovation, creation & competitiveness worldwide.

Mines Saint Etienne’s academic standing is committed to excellence, to a wealth of subject fields, and we desire to offer each student a curriculum tailored to his or her goals and the realities of the economic world.

The MSc in Health Management and Data Intelligence is the outcome of the partnership between Mines Saint Etienne, a renowned engineering school, and emlyon business school, one of Europe’s top business schools devoted to lifelong learning for entrepreneurial and international management.

The two institutions joined forces and created this program in response to the health industry’s need for future managers that will be able to master the specifics of operations disrupted by artificial intelligence impacts. With campuses in Lyon and Saint Etienne in Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, both institutions embody excellence in their domain, and foster an innovative learning environment for students.

Last updated : June 28, 2023