ABL Lyon becomes Active biomarkers


Founded in 2011 by Innate Pharma and Transgene (formerly Platine Pharma and Services, then ABL Lyon), our company is a leader in soluble and cellular biomarker analysis in the context of clinical trials. We offer expert services to advance innovative therapies from pre-clinical to clinical testing. In 2014, Platine Pharma services was acquired by ABL Inc, a global contract manufacturing and laboratory research service provider, a full subsidiary of Institut Mérieux.

Alongside its senior managers, Turenne Santé acquired our company, creating a new entity named Active Biomarkers. In September 2022, Active Biomarkers joined KCAS, adding its European capacity and expertise to KCAS and FlowMetric’s existing facilities in Kansas, Philadelphia and Milan, Italy.

Active Biomarkers’ team has decades of experience in immunological-based assays. We develop tailored assays to support human clinical trials and pre-clinical animal studies. Our everyday mission is to design and run bioanalyses to help our clients better understand the impact of their cutting-edge therapies, document the mechanisms of action, correlates of protection, pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic, and other critical safety and efficacy data.

Last updated : June 28, 2023